Meditation with Peggy Gaines, R.N. -
This is the course you've been looking for....

Introduction to Meditation 
You've always been curious about Meditation, but how do you begin?

In this five class series you will learn the basics of meditation
including how to get started and how to quiet your mind.  

You will reap tremendous benefits including greater relaxation, less anxiety and maybe even a better night’s sleep.   

Classes are taught by Peggy Gaines, RN, BSN an ANA certified meditation specialist.

This course, known as Focused Awareness Meditation
is an evidence-based program utilizing the principles of mind-body science.
This form of meditation does not advocate any religion, philosophy or lifestyle. 

Practitioners of Focused Awareness Meditation are able to heal, nourish and transform their lives through systematic, regular meditation. 

Benefits of meditation include increased relaxation, reduced blood pressure, reduced anxiety and depression. 

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